Snapdragon 865 Phone from Sony

According to Japanese media reports, Sony’s next flagship phone will replace the Snapdragon 855 and 855+ with the ones everyone expects. The first evidence of this was found on Sony’s manufacturer software distribution server. Traces of Snapdragon 865 have been found.

The chipset in question has an Internal Model Number SM8250 and is widely known to be used for the Snapdragon 865. Like the latest chipsets, the new 865 has an integrated 5G modem, but there is a rumor that the chip will come out with two different models, because there is no 5G support in every country yet, like Turkey. In this sense, Huawei first removed the Kirin 990 without a 4G connection.

Qualcomm’s two models make sense to offer the Snapdragon 865. Snapdragon 865 phones sold in markets such as Turkey will be more affordable. Judging by past Sony Xperia phones, we’ll see this new device at next year’s Barcelona Mobile World Congress event.