Small but Great Features with iOS 13

iOS 13 comes with small but great features are listed for you. These may seem like minor changes, but many have the potential to determine whether your next phone is Android or iPhone.

New volume controls

This may sound small, but the level control indicators have been redesigned, leaving the middle of the screen in the upper corner. Finally the content on the screen will not be hidden while changing the sound.

Advanced scrolling

Apple says this new iOS 13 feature will make scrolling long pages easier. Grasp the bar on the right and pull it down to the bottom of the page instantly.

Better QR code scanning

This was an already existing feature, but has been improved. The feature, which was previously only accessible from the camera, has now been added to the control center.

Permanent hotspot

Before iOS 13, Apple set limits on iPhone’s hotspot connections to extend battery life. But now it will depend on the user. The cellular data sharing feature will always stay on if you want.

Using a mouse on the iPad

You can now connect your computer mouse by going to Settings> Accessibility> Touch> AssistiveTouch> Pointing Devices. On the other hand, you can connect the Magic Trackpad with a lightning cable. You can adjust the speed of the cursor to navigate web pages, or use the scroll wheel, if available.

Optimized charging

Apple has brought a feature to help reduce the battery’s aging rate by shortening the time it takes to fully charge your iPhone. iPhone learns your daily charging habits. It predicts your home stay and does not charge 100%. It stays at 80% and brings the battery to 100 when you leave home.

No mobile download limit on cellular connection

With iOS 13, the limit of downloading data over cellular networks such as 3G, 4G and 5G is finally lifted. It’s inconceivable why Apple kept it for years. The limit was also quite small, like 100 MB and 200 MB.

Playstation DualShock and Xbox gamepad support

The gamepad compatibility of consoles with iOS 13 extends to tvOS and iPad operating systems. So your Apple device will now be a complete gaming machine. Connect two of the world’s most popular gaming pads via Bluetooth and enjoy productions like Fortnite.

Easier video editing

No matter which change you make, you’ll be able to restore the video to its original state even after the process is finished.

Finding iPhones or iPads that are offline

If a thief picks up your iPhone, removes your SIM card and turns off Wi-Fi, you will be able to report the location of your phone with iOS 13 even if your device is offline. Any Apple device near you will be able to receive your device’s Bluetooth signal and tell you directly where the phone is. The more iPhone you see your device, the smaller the space.

AirPods sharing

With iOS 13, the same movie or playlist can be shared to two AirPods devices at the same time. So you won’t have to share your headphones to watch the same movie.

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