Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ‘s new PlayGalaxy Link feature

They come with several new features and some Samsung-Microsoft partner services. The notifications in Note 10 are now displayed on the Windows PC. You can also instantly transfer your new photos to your PC. Applications such as Word are being used to synchronize notes. PlayGalaxy Link is another of the exciting features

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ‘s new PlayGalaxy Link feature

Samsung did not mention the new PlayGalaxy Link feature in the introduction. The game on your computer lets you play directly on your phone, so you can instantly resume your Note 10 device from where you left off. This connection can be installed on both your home Wi-Fi and your cellular connection. This allows you to play your PC game library anywhere from your Note 10 phone. On 5G supported devices, latency may be less.

The Samsung-Microsoft partnership will soon allow you to play the games in your Xbox library. He works similarly to stadia. It’s just a rumor, but we know that Microsoft is preparing its own game broadcast service to compete with Google’s Stadia. It seems completely logical to work with a strong partner like Microsoft for Samsung’s new phone.

The Samsung Note 10 has a Game Booster feature optimised, which also reminds you that the company is announcing uninterrupted Discord integration. However, we are excited to see how PlayGalaxy Link works, but we have doubts that it will be somewhat lag-free. No other broadcast service – such as Sony’s PlayStation stream or steam’s steam Link-without lag experience until this moment Nothing.

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