Oppo opens world’s first 5G container hotel

Oppo has been named “Oppo 5G Hotel ” At this hotel in the Australian Gold Coast, and customers in this hotel can experience what 5G technology has to offer.

The hotel has a single bedroom and offers a variety of technological services such as Smart mirror, augmented reality services. Oppo 5G Hotel’s augmented reality service is of great interest to customers. Guests staying at the hotel will have the opportunity to try their clothes without wearing them, so they can easily understand whether the outfit is suitable.

Smart mirror in the hotel room also allows a customer to receive all the service they can get from a mirror. With this smart mirror, customers can watch TV, connect to the Internet, watching movies, and selfie. It also allows customers to access both computer games and the game Library of Reno 5G with the “Everywhere game” service in the room.

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