Night mode causes crash on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note9 cameras

Samsung’s popular Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9 users cannot use the night mode feature on their cameras. The camera app of many users crashes when night mode is activated.

Samsung recently presented the night mode feature for Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy S9 camera applications to the users ‘ service. Some users are able to use this feature smoothly, while some say that this mode causes the camera app to crash.

According to topics opened by users on the Samsung forums, some of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9 models are sending a warning when this mode is turned on. The alert reports an error message in the form “Camera application failed. ” and the camera does not work.

Alternative solution for camera crash issue of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note9

Moreover, this interesting problem does not affect each user at the same rate. While some users report that they rarely experience this problem, some users are expressing that the camera app is crashing in many trials.

As a workaround, the aspect ratio of the photos can be converted from the default 4:3 to 16:9, but this is a condition that decreases the quality of the camera. The camera resolution, which is 12 megapixels at the rate of 4:3, decreases to 9.1 megapixels when the aspect ratios are made 16:9.

It is not known exactly what caused the camera crash problem, but Samsung needs to produce a solution on a global scale as soon as possible.