Netflix Releases Trailer for New Animated Film I Lost My Body

Netflix has released a trailer for a new animated film. The French original name for I Lost My Body, which will be released on Netflix, is J’ai perdu mon corps. I Lost My Body tells the story of a severed hand that escapes from a lab in Paris.

The hand that escaped from the lab, searching for his own body, remembers the days when a pizzeria named Naoufel was attached to the boy’s body. Looking for his body, the hand begins to remember the boy’s life story and his love for the librarian Gabrielle as he searches for Naoufel.

I Lost My Body premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The animated film became the first animated film to win the Nespresso Grand Prize. Following the film’s success, Netflix acquired the rights to broadcast the film. I Lost My Body will be released in cinemas on November 15. It will be released in theaters and will be released on Netflix on November 29.