MSI broke record by running DDR4 RAM at 5.9 GHz

“Overclocker” working within the MSı (the person who performed a component on the computer, performing certain settings on the clock frequency specified for itself, overspeed person) hive Yang, using Kingston’s RAM kit, has managed to increase the new DDR4 memory frequency rate to 5.9 GHz.

Now sitting on the speed board, Kingston’s HyperX Predator memory, which takes down G. Skill’s Trident Z Royal RAM. At least 6 of the top ten DDR4 overclocked were performed by G. Skill memory, which turns out to be up to 16 when viewed as the top 20.

“Without a doubt, Msı ‘s unique and patented DDR4 Boost technology, with its well-designed MSı MPG Z390ı Gaming Edge AC motherboard, is doubtless overclocking performance,” MSı said in a statement. In addition, this came out with our teaming with HyperX Predator DDR4 memory. “

The liquid nitrogen factor has also been involved in this overclocking attempt as it has always been done in this kind of process. Of course, it is inevitable to apply this kind of cooling process in order to reach these speeds. The fastest air-cooled DDR4 kit is a dual DDR4-4800 offered by G. Skill and Corsair.

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