iPhone 11 Concept design for Apple fans

Apple’s new flagship appeared in a design that severely disappointed the iPhone fans. The camera sensors that are stacked on the corner of the phone’s back panel have disappointed many people, causing many people to decide not to renew their Iphones this year.

This is how the iPhone 11 ‘s ‘ need to be ‘ visuals began to emerge on the Internet. The emerging new design revealed an iPhone 11 that adorning iPhone users ‘ dreams. The designs also included images with photo quality visuals that iPhone fans would want to be real.

When the final design of the iPhone 11 is examined, almost all users complain that the cameras are in the lineup and placed in a square frame. The camera module, which occupies a serious space on the back panel, did not appeal to many people’s eyes and created some kind of image pollution behind the phone.

The emerging new concept design seems more realistic than the current and final design of the iPhone, so we don’t exaggerated. The iPhone 11 concept, which offers a much cleaner and more refined image by sorting all the sensors side by side, also makes the interesting camera prostrating easier to decode.

If we need to continue the camera ledge, the camera ledge on the iPhone 11 has a design that will be too shaked when you put the phone down. The reason for this is that the height of the square camera module on the upper left side of the phone has different depths with the gap on the right side.

As for the camera ledge in the concept design, the camera ledge, which is evenly dispersible at the top of the phone, had a balanced design, so the phone could eliminate any jolt while it was standing. That way, even if you hit the corner of the phone, the phone was unshakable.

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