iOS 13: Silencing Method for Unknown and Spam Calls

OS 13 introduces the ability to mute unknown and spam calls by introducing an update that can prevent advanced searches that you do not know. This feature is useful for almost any iOS 13 user who has updated your device. Calls that you do not know and calls from abroad numbers will be automatically silenced by this feature.

Silencing Unknown and Spam Calls on iOS 13

Automatically silence unknown and spam searches on iOS 13, first go to Settings from your iOS device’s main menu. On the Settings screen, click Phone. Here are many things you can do about incoming and outgoing calls. To prevent unknown and spam calls, click the button next to Silence Unknown Calls, the new feature that comes with the iOS 13 update, and activate the button.

If you cannot find this feature in Settings> Phone, which many users will appreciate, your device is not up to date with the iOS 13 operating system. To install the iOS 13 operating system on your device, go to the Settings section of your phone. Then go to> General> Software Update and if you have a pending iOS update here.

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