Huawei P30 Series and Mate 20 Pro Will Get Android Q Update

The US government offered Huawei a limited 90-day offer of assistance, and Google said it would provide updates to Huawei phones by August 19th. Last month, Google added Huawei Mate 20 Pro back to the phone list, which is part of the Android Q beta program.

Huawei P30 Series and Mate 20 Pro Android Q Update

Huawei today released a tweet that Mate 20 Pro was included in the Android Q beta and added that the current P30 series (Huawei P30, Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei P30 Lite) will receive Android Q; The latest version of the next Android version should be available in the third quarter of this year. Tweet also leads consumers to a web page called “Huawei Answers”, where the company responds to rumors about the future of their smartphone.

“Regardless of the challenges we face at Huawei, we always put our consumers first. All Huawei smartphones and tablets will continue to receive security patches and Android updates. Anyone who has already purchased a Huawei smartphone can access the app as usual. All devices are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty and will continue to provide full service support. Our most popular up-to-date devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q. There is even a beta developer program for Android Q currently running on our Mate 20 Pro “- Huawei

Referring to some rumors circulating since the middle of last month, Huawei, phones and tablets will continue to receive security and software updates, he said. The company says Android will not be automatically removed from their devices, and WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram can still be installed and used normally. Huawei points out that nothing has changed in terms of the functionality of the devices and the warranty that covers them. It also says that those who reset their devices to factory settings will not lose access to Android. Huawei adds that it will continue to sell smartphones to refute the rumors that it has quit the smartphone business. He also announced that he will continue to invest in research and development to deliver pioneering innovation and the best possible smartphone experience.