How to Block Email on iPhone

E-mail blocking or email blocking on the iPhone is a matter of concern. In order to help iPhone users, we’ve listed all the steps you need to know below. Here they are.

How to Block Email on iPhone

Block Gmail Messages on Your iPhone The best way to block an email in Gmail using your phone is to download the free Gmail app from the App Store.

How to block email in Gmail with iOS:

  • Download, launch, and sign in to the Gmail app from the App Store.
  • Find an email from the person you want to block.
  • Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the message.
  • Select “Block sender” from the drop-down box.

Email Blocking with Safari

Apple’s own iCloud, Yahoo! Mail and open your inbox from a browser on the iPhone to block email / email in Microsoft’s Outlook.

  • iCloud: Touch the Settings wheel in the lower-left corner, then select Rules. Select Add Rule, then create a new message. If the message comes from here, select and say Move to Trash or Mark as Read for the email address in question.
  • Yahoo! Mail: Touch Settings in the top right corner of your inbox, then press More Settings. Select Security and Privacy, then look for Blocked addresses from the next screen and click + Add.
  • Outlook: Touch Settings in the upper right corner, select View full settings, and then select Options. On the next screen, scroll to Mail> Junk email, and then tap Blocked senders and add the addresses you want to block.

We’ve talked about all you need to know to block email on your iPhone. The steps may seem complicated, but they are not. The most difficult steps seem to be for iCloud. Other than that, Yahoo! Mail application and Outlook is quite simple.

However, you can only use the app to block email with iPhone in Gmail. You can’t do this with a browser like Safari or Chrome. Just download the Gmail app on your iPhone and follow the steps above.

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