Galaxy S11 Comes with 108MP Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

The new Samsung Galaxy S11 will feature a 5x optical zoom on the camera side. A report from Korea states that the Galaxy S11 will be mass-produced earlier this year and will have a 5x optical zoom camera module. In this sense it will be a first for Samsung. The 5x optical zoom looks more exciting than 108 MP resolution.

However, the Galaxy S11 will not be the first phone to offer a 5x optical zoom. Periscope-type camera modules have been in use for some time in smartphones, enabling high-optical zoom capabilities. As you can see in the video below, sensors and lenses are placed sideways in such modules. Thus, they use the principle of reflecting the light in the periscope. Samsung’s 5x optical zoom module is only 5mm thick and theoretically small enough to fit inside the Galaxy Note 10+. But these Samsung flagships offered 2x telephoto lenses available. Samsung chose to hide the technology.

Samsung’s flagship phones offer the best camera experience behind Huaweis. However, the Galaxy S11 needs to increase competition and come with exciting innovations like this to make it even more prominent in the photography department. While the 5x optical zoom alone won’t be enough for it, it’s certainly not a negative thing. The 2x optical zoom is slightly obsolete at this point, introduced on the Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. The Galaxy Note 10 has improved somewhat by offering a wider aperture for a telephoto lens. However, there was not much difference in real-world performance.

The report also says the Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a 108MP camera for wide-angle shooting. When you say wide angle, it’s not ultra-wide, it’s pointing to normal photos. Samsung flagships like the Note 10 are currently equipped with a 12-megapixel main lens, so it can be said that there will be a big leap. However, the resolution does not mean directly superior photography. The 108 MP camera sensors were designed in partnership with Samsung and Xiaomi. The Galaxy S11, which will be introduced in February, is certain to be used.