First USB 4.0 Supported Devices Expected to Be Released by the End of 2020

The new version of USB 4.0, which will meet 40 Gbps, has been released. The new generation of USB is expected to come out by the end of 2020.
In March of this year, we met with USB 4.0. Intel has announced that next-generation USB capabilities will be built on open licensed Thunderbolt 3 technology. It is also added that USB 4.0 can reach speeds of up to 40 GBps.

At the last Computex event, AnandTech teamed up with the USB Promoter Group to explore how USB 4.0 features have come to a point. According to the features shared by AnandTech, the new generation USB will be compatible with USB-C devices.

Known features

  • The bandwidth has been doubled to improve USB Type-CTM performance.
  • Simultaneous multiple data and video protocols are enabled.
  • Intel Corp. Founded on ThunderboltTM
  • Speed up to 40 Gbps over 40 Gbps certified cables

The features of version 1.0 of USB 4.0 in version 0.7 of the development phase are expected to emerge later this summer. According to AnandTech, devices that will support USB 4.0 technology will begin to come out towards the end of 2020.

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