Calibrating the Battery on Android Devices

If you have a battery problem on your Android device, you can calibrate the battery to improve the health of your battery. Calibrating the battery is an effective way to conserve your battery less. In this article, we will talk about the process of calibrating the battery on Android devices.

Calibrating the Battery on Android Devices

There are different ways to calibrate the battery on an Android device. You can calibrate your battery by using these methods, and you can eliminate the problem if you experience charging problems.

For a battery caliber on your Android device, first let your device run out of charge. When your device is discharged and turned off, plug it into the charger. Wait until your charge is fully charged. When the device has a 100% charge, remove it from the charger and leave the phone charged for at least one hour. Once you have completed this process, charge your Android device to the charge and charge it 100% when it is completely exhausted, not when your battery is low. Repeat this process several times. Your battery will now be calibrated.

Battery Calibration on Root Android Devices
To calibrate the battery on your Android device with the root process, download the Advanced Battery Calibrator app, available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download the application by clicking here.

After lowering the Advanced Battery Calibrator, insert the device into the charger and charge the battery 100%. After charging is complete, enter the application and click the Start Calibration button.

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