Augmented reality indicators on Google maps come to iOS and Android

With increased use of reality, we see applications that facilitate our lives in different fields. These include an augmented reality update in Google’s Maps app.

The feature that appeared on Google’s Pixel phones earlier this year was driving directions on Google maps, giving users augmented reality redirects. Users could easily go to their destination with arrows pointing to the street they need to enter.

As of today, Google has offered this feature not only to Pixel users, but also to iOS users as well as many Android’s. Android devices that support the ARCore app and iOS devices that support the ARKit app will be able to use the Live View feature of Google maps.

Google also explained how the system works for those who want to use augmented reality in the Maps app. What people have to do is find where they want to go, then click on the directions option after finding the map. From this point, select the Walk option and select the Live View option at the bottom of the screen.

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