A photographer managed to view the meteor that hit Jupiter (Video)

With Jupiter appearing in the sky at night in the northern Hemisphere, space photographers are directing their telescoping deep into the solar system. One of these photographers managed to catch an extremely rare event.

Ethan Chappel, who was viewing Jupiter on 7 August 2019, captured a very rare image. The Chapel, which displays a gigantic meteor that fell to Jupiter, shared images via Twitter. Chappel, who interviewed ScienceAlert, “I was so excited after watching the video and seeing the light. I felt I should share the video immediately “. In the images, there was an explosion at the bottom left of Jupiter.

Unlike the Lightning or Aurora events that are normally encountered on Jupiter, the image reveals the possibility that a meteorone has created a gigantic explosion by slamring Jupiter.

Jonti Horner of the University of Southern Queensland, in an interview with ScienceAlert, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Literally breathtaking “explanations.

A meteor hit on Jupiter doesn’t seem to be a very rare occurrence when it’s actually looked at. After the meteoris entering the atmosphere, the explosion in the air is a common occurrence on earth. Moreover, we can also say that when you think that the mass of Jupiter is much more than Earth, it may attract more meteor.

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